Postcard Project


New favorite from Cibo: Penne al Telefono, a dish which has been in its menu forever. It’s so rich yet simple.

Peaceful Monday.

Can I just say…I really, really, really love these shoes.

Current paraben-free makeup situation, predominantly from RMS Beauty and Glossier. Loving too lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury, current favorites: Bitch Perfect, Amazing Grace and Pillow Talk. May the world be paraben-free soon.

Make-up items I had to stop using because of parabens; these Chanel lipsticks are just a tiny fraction of the stash I have. Ugh. Hate you parabens! Hate most especially the fact that these cosmetics brands still use parabens! Such a pity to give up these. I really loved how great Chanel Perfection Lumière Extrême worked so well for my skin, I was so happy using it for over 3 years. Really, really loved too how NARS Laguna and Orgasm worked so well in giving that needed shadow / contour and flush. Ugh. Why must these be parabens infested?!?

Sunday. Enjoying coffee with Monocle’s current issue, covering its annual ranking of cities with the most attractive assets for leading a quality life. As expected, Tokyo is leading this survey.

9 women tell the truth about life after hair loss:

In the middle of traffic heading to work, thought about this very moment in Barcelona 4+ years ago. Nothing dramatic. I was having breakfast at the only open restaurant at 8AM in Las Ramblas area, near Eixample. There were only 5 of us in this restaurant, all foreigners. There were no small talks, but sincere smiles were exchanged.

Highlight of this weekend, spending Saturday morning at National Shrine of Saint Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas Batangas.

Thought about stir fried eggs and tomatoes my former boss always order from family owned Chinese restaurants in Phnom Penh, Shanghai and Vientiane. It’s basically eggs, tomatoes, random herbs, and some soy or fish sauce for flavor. Did a quick search and found a recipe online; thanks, Serious Eats! Instead of soy or fish sauce, the recipe requires ketchup and rice wine. Tried to follow and wing the recipe with just one egg. Though it wasn’t exactly the same with what I used to have, it was good enough to sate my cravings. It was so good, for this week, I’ve cooked it thrice! 😋