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From Brisbane; Thank you, Lex!


From Canada; Thank you, AA!

From Pittsburgh; Thank you, Yelle and Lex!

From Brisbane; Thank you, Lex!

From Hong Kong; Thank you, AA!


Dear Lola,
In our every conversation for the last two years, you always remember this postcard — a photo of Mekong River, taken during one of my business trips in Vientiane. Among the postcards I’ve sent, you said you like this the most because you know I took this photo and used it as make shift postcard. Thank you for always having that kind of appreciation. We will definitely miss you.

Hand written notes are the best! And postcards! Thank you, Yelle and Lex! Can’t wait to hear your travel stories! 🙂 YAY Yelle for Cava!

“No matter how far you go, you can never escape from yourself.”

From Ricky Lai’s “69°N 51°W”, illustration book and music album recorded and narrated his journey to Iceland and Greenland in 2012.

The simplest yet most enigmatic and compelling postcard I’ve seen.

Such a treat to receive handwritten note via snail mail! Thank you, Jennifer and Seth!


Highlight of a very, very tough week. Thank you AA and Meneer!