by RF

Started the weekend with this, stir fried eggs and tomatoes, becoming the default breakfast on Saturdays. Enjoyed with two shots of espresso (made using stove top pot, as always) with almond milk.

This morning, I needed to go to a hospital in Manila area for a consultation (most productive activity for the weekend). On my way to Makati, I passed by La Salle. It’s been years since the last time I was there. Maybe in 2003? Feels weird to see how different it is now. Wonder how it is to be a student there in this time and age.

When I was a student, most of our professors would use St. John Baptist de La Salle’s statue in LS Building to remind us to study hard. Study hard or else…

In the afternoon I went to Makati Med for a consultation. It was crappy, it was the worst I’ve felt ever since I can remember. It was the worst part of this weekend, to say the least. I had a consultation with this surgeon. I’ve already had a consultation with him back in November. Both instances (besides needing to wait for over two hours before he showed up) I felt so bad after talking to him. It is as if he is judging my concerns and decisions in life. He is so negative in everything. He doesn’t seem to be listening nor acknowledging the concerns at hand. Worst, it is as if I have to defend my concerns and life decisions to him. He was not helpful in anyway. It was so much draining and frustrating talking to him, it was so bad I actually cried. Truly the worst day ever.

To this doctor, I do not want to ever see you again in my life. I hope sometime in the future you can have some compassion and patience to listen and understand the concerns patients have. I hope you’ll learn to stop insisting concerns you think patients should prioritize. There is no template for patients to cope and manage what they are going through — to each his own. Sincerely, with all my best, I will make sure I will never need to see you again.

After a crappy, crappy afternoon I couldn’t wait to go home and have several servings of my default cocktail. Shallow as it may sound, but this made me a whole lot better. Sorry, not sorry.

The most delightful situation for the day, claiming and opening this package. Can’t wait to try Glossier’s latest product, Wowder.⚡️ Always fun opening orders from Glossier, best in packaging all the way.