by RF

It’s been a big week for me. This weekend cemented so many things with my current situation, with the reality I have to accept and deal with. It would be impossible for me to do it with out the love, care and support of the people around me. Truly, I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for everything.

To kick-off new events in my life, Saturday was early spent with my BFF to handle certain things. It was surreal. Thank you E and E for the patience and care. Thank you most specially W for being there with me. To sort of test-drive my new realities, W and I had pan fried foie gras and cheese soufflé for breakfast. We were initially heading to Wildflour but we opted instead to try Champetre. Best decision of the day! Everything we ordered was amazing! I shall blab more about it later.

Because we are always hungry, barely two hours after having breakfast, we went for lunch ordering breakfast food! Why not?

Since there’s still room for dessert, we ordered this decadent Yema Cupcake. So good. My invisible sweet tooth approves!

Fully Booked’s U-View Theater was screening several MMFF entries that weekend. We happily watched the documentary, Sunday Beauty Queen. I was blown away. I felt so many emotions in a span of 90 minutes. I direly hope the best for Philippine workforce. Hopefully soon, within our lifetime, working overseas is not the only option for most of us. Do watch this documentary if you have the chance. Photo source.

Because my BFF is the sweetest ever, there has been no end with Christmas gifts! I super love everything, guys! My super favorite Batman L, Ninang loves the rosary you choose!

And because my cousins are always so thoughtful, we get to enjoy these plus sweet pomelos from Davao! Thank you F and A! Dad loved everything, particularly the chocolates and yema! 🙂

Sunday, as usual was spent with coffees and readings. I really enjoyed Grid’s current issue, particularly the pieces about the bike ride to Sagada (800km in 11 days!), and going around certain points in Palawan by bike, boat and sea plane (photos are so amazing, I want to cry!). Grab a copy if you guys have the chance!