by RF

Happy birthday, Mom, Kuya and Jo! Even we’ve been stuffed with sweets from Christmas and New Years, we still insisted to have cakes for the family’s January celebrants. It started with an ice cream cake for my Mom, then Banoffee Pie for Kuya, then assortment of cupcakes for Jojo. My cousins F and A introduced this amazing cupcakes from a coffee shop sort of near our area. It has been a sweet January for the family!

This cake is a revelation. We do not have sweet tooth in the family, thus we favor fruit based desserts, cakes specially. Because it looks so nice (look at that smooth mousse!) and everyone I know seems to love it, I thought it might be interesting to try Banapple’s Banoffee Pie. With coffee, we really enjoyed this. Decadent but not too sweet. The bananas are fresh, with the right ripeness. My Mom, the birthday celebrant, was really happy about this. I can sense this cake will be in our table again in the very near future.

Thank you F and A for these! We loved everything! Hopefully soon, we get to visit Coffee Project Lakefront. Thank you for introducing this to us! 🙂

The family is caked-out. For Jo’s birthday he actually didn’t want a cake. But I insisted. Unfortunately, I had some issues logistics wise, and ended up getting these cupcakes from Bake and Brew. What a mistake. Everything tasted like soap; all cupcakes tasted the same regardless of color and supposedly flavor. Complete waste of existence. Ugh. Sorry Jo, we will have a better cake next time.