by RF

It has been a chill weekend with my best friend and her family. They are the coolest and funniest people I’ve ever encountered! We started the weekend with the very entertaining La La Land. It was delight to see my 4-year old godson enjoy this film, dancing during the film and on our way out. The cutest! As per my request, we hangout around High Street for open air surroundings. We were fortunate to have a good weather that day, walking from High Street Central to Serendra was very comfortable. It would be nice to have a weather like this all year long. Even better if Metro Manila would be conducive enough for open space commercial areas.

We had our late lunch at Wholesome Table. And we can’t help but feel sad about this. We want the old Wholesome Table back! Our dinning experience was so disappointing. 1) Orders taken were wrong, we ordered Gyudon, we were given Bibimbap. Wait staff insisted we ordered Bibimbap but three of us in the table know and heard we ordered Gyudon. We paid anyway for both, just to avoid argument and unnecessary stress. We ordered plain grilled cheese, we were given grilled cheese with ham. Why?!? 2) Food is underwhelming; rice in Bibimbap is over cooked (how can you mess up rice?), kimchi didn’t have any taste (how can you mess up kimchi??), beef in Gyudon and Bibimbap tasted nothing (seems like old stock). Only thing consistent — this interiors. Love this very simple tabletop props. Please, bring back the old Wholesome Table!

Next stop, afternoon tea at Lartizan. We enjoyed the Mariage Frères tea and eclairs! Service is so much better though with dinner wait staff; lunch / afternoon wait staff seemed tired and uninterested with our orders. We wanted to try the fruit tarts but we got turned off by the dusty saucers and plates. Boo. 😦

Just to kill time, and to tide our cake cravings, we went back to High Street Central. We thought of Slice and my coolest godson spotted the best seats for us to enjoy our Yema Cupcakes and coffee, while watching outdoors two episodes of A Series of Unfortunate Events. Definitely a weekend highlight! Can we please have more outdoor film showings in Manila?

Before heading home, we thought of having small snacks. And since Din Tai Fung didn’t have an insane queue, we took that opportunity. We love Din Tai Fung! We enjoyed everything we ordered, the service is so efficient! Definitely trying it again after usual dinner hours (from 8PM) to avoid the insanity!

Sunday was spent at home, with coffees, travel magazine and Michael Chabon’s latest novel, Moonglow. A perfect way to relax and prepare for the coming work week.