by RF

This weekend is about food indulgences and lifestyle errands. Please excuse the cheesiness, but I cannot emphasize how grateful I am on how things are going for me. I’ve been receiving sincere support and care from family and friends. I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation to fuel me on the coming days. End of cheesiness!

Never thought I’d need to do this in my life. It was strange. But the care, attention and sincerity of people helping me out in this aspect are more than enough to adjust and accept the situation.

Mango chèvre (goat cheese) enjoyed with dried figs. If I haven’t said it enough, I really, really, really love these.

Afternoon tea at Writer’s Bar in Raffles. My friend and I appreciated the ambiance and the spread. I was so delighted to see they have clotted cream!

Not too sure why, recently, whenever I am in Rockwell I have this cravings for katsu (breaded deep fried meat). This has been my default order from Yabu, rosu (pork loin) and oysters.

My Mom requested to have dinner at Savory just to reminisce on her favorite fried chicken and pancit Escolta. We were happy to oblige!

In between usual life chaos, I appreciate brief peaceful moments, allowing me to just be silent and enjoy a simple cup of coffee. Something I always look forward on weekends.