by RF

I can’t remember majority of my 2016. Everything went blur during the tail end of the year. I was sharing a meal with Wy when I was processing I might be facing the biggest battle of my life. I was talking to her and Mon of all possibilities. Eight days after it was confirmed, that I need to reconfigure everything and prepare for my greatest war yet. Miraculously, it was easy for me to accept everything, and decide to immediately start fighting to the fullest. The unwavering, utmost and sincere support from specialists, family (particularly my Mom), friends (especially Wy and Mon), and colleagues gave me this insane strength and courage that I can in deed fight and win this battle. I never went through the drama of asking The Universe, God, why I have to go through this. Probably because I’ve always had a simple conversation with God, that I lift everything unto Him. Bahala ka na, Lord. Plus, I simply despise unnecessary life drama, complete waste of time and energy.

Anyway. I have accepted as fact, and I am actually at peace, that 2017 will be extra tough and challenging. Nonetheless, with the continuous unconditional support from family and friends, availability of technology and specialists, and comfort and hope from faith, I am ready to fight with everything that I have, with all that I can. I earnestly hope, I pray, that this year will in deed be the best yet. Let’s do this, 2017! Fight! Fight! Fight!!!