Manila, November 2016

by RF

 The most peaceful Sunday in recent memory.

I have nothing but appreciation, joy and love for RMS Beauty products – Living Luminizer the most! The newly launched Magic Lumizer (right pot) is sooo good too; perfect in giving that glow-coming-from-within look. ❤️

Clarté; lâcher.

Why do I get that feeling people expects me to be stressed and depressed? Deeply sorry to disappoint, but I’m not. Really. If there’s anything I am truly annoyed it is how some people are baffled, at least disappointed, knowing how I’m handling this — calm, no drama, no tears. Closest family and friends know I will always and forever refuse to take drama, and would be better off being proactive. I’m not sure how to explain it further but I’m not weak, and I’m just so ready to fight this head on. I sincerely appreciate all the concern, support and love. I am really grateful! But please, please do not be sad, worried or bothered about me, or how I am handling things. I’m cool as a cucumber, calm as a millpond. All is exceptionally well. ☺️