by RF

I was never a fan of buffet restaurants; they are excessive and expensive. Tapenade, a restaurant in Discovery Primea, offers a salad buffet. This is the first buffet concept I truly appreciate. The offering is limited but well curated. My friends and I love everything, specially the breads, cheeses, oysters (!!!), and of course the salad components. Plus they serve Turkish Coffee! We will definitely be going back here again, and again, and again.

Mango chèvre (goat cheese), my favorite in the selection. Yeah, it’s cheesy but I feel grate. Har.

Prosciutto, seems to be everyone’s favourite; my best friend had x plates of these.

Fresh oysters; I enjoy these the most with tabasco and lemon.

Just one of several greens selection for your salad.

Chèvre, prosciutto, honey on wholewheat.

Chèvre and strawberry jam on whole wheat.

Just a two of the x I’ve consumed. Sorry, not sorry!

Salad course, still with a presence of chèvre. Hehe.

Sort of dessert for me, dried figs, walnuts, chèvre (again!), grilled pineapples and wholewheat with honey.

Turkish coffee, wish I can have this everyday. Perhaps I should. Let the hunt for cezve (pot used to simmer finely ground coffee beans) begin.