Vientiane, March 2016

by RF

Bánh mì in process; LAK10,000 (about PHP56 or USD1.20) for half a baguette.

Khao jee (in Lao) / bánh mì (in Vietnam); baguette briefly heated over coal, then filled with chicken liver and beef pâté, barbecued pork, pickled cucumber, carrots and papaya, seasoned with mayonnaise, hot sauce, chilli sauce, and soy seasoning, then finished with fresh coriander.

Roast duck with pork wonton noodle soup; LAK20,000 (PHP112 or USD2.40) per bowl.

Fresh coconut juice; LAK20,000 (PHP112 or USD2.40) per whole coconut, which is relatively huge and meaty. So appropriate for a scorching hot day (40c, yo!).

Friendly reminder …

Mekong River’s river bed

Typical sauces for phở

Colleagues discovered this gem of a lunch place; beef or pork phở at Pho Zap. LAK20,000 for a small but very filling bowl. Good job, Soleil and Pear!

Just outside Pho Zap, this cart is full of amazing local snacks. I really, really liked those waffles — the typical waffle mix with corn and coconut meat. LAK3,000 (PHP17 or USD0.36) per piece. 

It’s been a while since I last sent postcards … 

Standing in Mekong River’s bed!

Rows and rows of sunflower facing Mekong

Mekong River from Moon the Night. See you soon, Vientiane!