Hammam at Terazi Spa

by RF

There is so much to be said for Hammam (Turkish Bath). I am so pleased I tried it at Terazi Spa in Discovery Primea, everything was done professionally and with utmost care, from booking my appointment to post treatment.

Prior to the treatment I was escorted to a private room where I was asked to remove my clothes and wrap my body for modesty using a hammam cloth (not sure if the one given to me is an actual peştemal). Then, I was led to a heated marble room. I was asked to sit by a step, near a sink filled with running water. The treatment started with a ten-mintue steam. During that time I was told to douse water whenever I feel too warm, and constantly hydrate; a pitcher of ice-cold lemon water was available, also a bag of ice was within reach. After the steam, total exfoliation happens while laying at a towel placed in the large marble stone (göbek taşı). The attendant started to scrub almost my entire body, from feet up, using a mitt and castile soap. I was probably scrubbed four or five times. Then after, generous foam (from castile soap?) was poured at my entire body. I did not expect this, the foam felt so heavenly and decadent; the sensation was just so amazing. At that purely blissful moment, the anti-spa me decided to do this regularly.

To end the Hammam, I was asked to take a quick shower to cool down. After Hammam I scheduled Terazi’s 60-minute signature massage. Since I was still cooling down I was offered a glass of ice-cold ginger tea while preparing for the massage. The massage was done perfectly, delicate but soothing enough for my anti-massage body (I only do physical therapy with either my chiropractor or from Karada, a Japanese bone and muscle treatment similar to chiropractic). After the massage, I was treated with a delicious pot of ginger tea. So relaxing. Next to the service, I really appreciate all of the refreshments they offer. I was told everything was prepared fresh and in house. Wish I can have the tamarind juice at my convenience.

After Terazi I met up with friends for late lunch at Tapenade, one of the hotel’s restaurants. We immensely enjoyed their salad buffet, small but boasting with well curated selections. Everything is fresh. I love their breads, cheeses, spreads and dips, and salad ingredients selections. More so, I really enjoyed their oysters. This has to be my favorite buffet concept ever. We sealed everything with a shot of Turkish coffee. This restaurant will definitely be a regular lunch option for me.

Very simple but so amazing … cold tamarind juice I still think about until this very day.

Steam room with a huge marble stone (göbek taşı)

Post treatment Ginger Tea, simple yet so exquisite.

Turkish coffee ❤