Adaäm & Yves Organic Bistro

by RF

Trifecta: taro chips, kale chips, and mushroom and oyster chicharon

It will take time for me to try this restaurant again. Though the service is great, the food is so underwhelming. After this appetizer (pretty for instagram, nothing special taste-wise), I had A Day in Ibiza. It’s supposed to be a Valencia-style organic red rice paella with some seafood. What I had: clumps of broken rice with pastey mixture that lacks any sort of taste, topped with 2 unopened / not for eating muscles, 2 clams, and 2 rubbery shrimp. No vegetables. It’s, hands down, the worst paella / paella inspired dish I’ve ever encountered in my life. Next time I’ll stick to brunch options, the beef tapa (cured beef) and arroz caldo (chicken rice porridge) seem promising.