by RF

Started the weekend with my one and only BFF, celebrating milestones, planning adventures, and having each other. (So cheesy but I feel grate!) Then, spent most of Saturday working, and hanging out with friends over good food and music. Your Local’s Torched Salmon Danburi is so good. Everything was perfectly cooked (black rice, particularly), and the overflowing ingredients complemented each other. After dinner, (after having coffee and preparing our aging selves to brave a music festival) we saw Bon Iver. They are just so amazing. I was tearing up when they played Blindsided, even more when Justin Vernon started hammering Skinny Love. It was heartbreakingly sad yet so amazing. Definitely, a well spent weekend.

Planning for a trip with Wy is always exciting. Hopefully this year we can indulge and explore New York.

In Craft MNL. So cool to see up close craft outputs, equipments and space I normally just see in Instagram. Good job Yelle and Lex!

Torched Salmon Donburi; torched Norwegian salmon (cooked medium), mentaiko, oboro, ebiko and salmon skin on roast corn and shiitake black rice. So good.

Justin Vernon performing Skinny Love. Amazing.